Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving In Spain!

Hello again my beloved friends and family. what a fun week we had celebrating an American holiday in a Spanish culture. Since the wonderful Spaniards don't have a clue about what Thanksgiving is, we decided to try to enlighten and introduce it to as many people as we could... sadly we weren't very successful, but that didn't keep us from gathering together as a family... well as a district... which is basically my family out here.... and feasted upon turkey and potatoes... wait a second, that's how y'all in Merica ate your way through turkey day. we definitely celebrated it by going straight up Chinese food!! As different as it was, we all felt right at home. Eating together, laughing, feasting, arguing, and a sweet investigator went all out and made us a pumpkin pie. What a holiday to remember. It was a day of giving thanks, and full of love and spirit. Hope your guys thanksgiving was just as good as mine. 

Now i know what everyone else is wanting to ask me. And to answer the question, no we did not have another baptism this week. But hey 2 in a row is great and they are still faithful converts who still just love the gospel. Hermana Gillette and i are still pluggin along, teaching families and preparing them to be live worthy enough to dwell in the presence of our loving heavenly father again. the work is still moving forward, and i am growing stronger in my faith every day. It makes a huge difference having an amazing companion at my side to lead and guide me with her strong example. Oh how i love my companion. We get along great, and we build off each other and we know how to teach learn and grow through the spirit. We love the people, the work, our savior, and each other. Couldn't have asked for a better place to serve, or for a better companion. 

this sums up our relationship up in a single pic..... 

Well happy December, hope you all stay warm with that winter air and snow. I don't have to worry about that in the slightest. I just have to truck around in my rain boots and umbrella. but I love and miss you all!!! Until next week!!

Hermana Stilson


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