Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blessed are the sick for they shall get rest!

Hola, que tal. Well I am honestly stuck. I cannot remember anything for the life of me. I have no idea what happened this past week. The only thing that I remember is that transfers happened, and then basically all of the missionaries in Valencia were wiped out for a few days due to being sick... it was rough. not going to lie. Transfers were a little nerve wracking. Normally, with me being a greenie, I wouldn't have had to worry about transfers at all for my first one because when you first come out you usually stay with your trainer for two transfers because of the 12 week training program. but I am in a little bit of a different situation. My wonderful companion only gets to train me for a transfer and a half due to the fact that she is going home right after Christmas. so we weren't quite sure what was going to happen to us with her leaving at a mini transfer. We thought for sure that they would have her leave and go be with a different hermana that is leaving at the half transfer with her and I would get someone knew for my last half of training. I can happily say that I am staying in Valencia with Hermana Gillette for Christmas and for her last 3 weeks in the mission field. But that just means that I am in for another surprise in 3 weeks. I could stay, and someone can be brought in to be with me, I could leave and go to a whole new area, or I could be put into a tri for the last three weeks of this transfer then leave... oh man, I just don't know... but for now I am just going to enjoy the time left I have with my perfect companion. We are so happy to be staying together for Christmas!! We are so close. It will be hard to say goodbye to her in a fe3w short weeks... but I just won't think about that yet.

Then there was the plague that wiped out over half of the Valencia missionaries. And sadly yes, i was a part of the half who got hit. The four of us hermanas in the piso were hit by it. Everyone was sick. There were probably only three elders out of our whole zone of 32 missionaries that didn't get sick. We were out dead.... Let's just say we got a nice 20 hour nap to recuperate.... being sick on the mission is rough. All you want to do is be out in the streets or in citas, but you are literally trapped inside your piso. We go crazy when we have to stay in, it makes us anxious and crazy. We are just so used to going nonstop. But we all are on the mend and finally back to the work that the lord needs us doing!!!

Oh man I feel bad that I don't have a lot to say this week but I can promise you all that I will have many more stories to come your way next week!!! Thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all dearly. Take care, be safe, be healthy and have a week full of holiday cheer!!


Hermana Stilson

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