Monday, January 12, 2015

I was the lucky one...

 Hey y'all!! So this week was great, as usual out here in Valencia. Trio is still going strong, but it is crazier than ever!! But hey, it's working out, and leaving me with no room to complain!! I love the Hermanas I get to work with, they are both so strong and bring so much to the lessons that we teach. If y'all thought that teaching with one companion was strong, just imagine how much better it can be when you add another disciple of Christ to it!!! Trios bring miracles that you wouldn't normally see in a regular companionship. It has been quite the experience. We work well together, and know how to make the work fun. I truly adore Hermana Manwill and Een!!!
Well, I ate some pretty interesting things this week.... For one, I was unfortunate enough to be the one to eat Chicken lungs and heart at a huge eating cita on dia de los reyes... that is a huge holiday out here, it's basically their Christmas.... but let's just say that I was eating it just fine, until they congratulated me on being the lucky one to eat what I did, and me not knowing enough Spanish, kept eating it. That is until one of the elders leaned over and said, you are a trooper for eating that. and I was all, it's just chicken. Then he started laughing and said, yes, but you just ate its lungs and heart... let's just say I spent the next 5 min in the bathroom bent over the toilet!! What a treat!!! Now for the next dish I had at another members house was pasta con gato.... for those of you who don't know what gato is, it is CAT. Yes, you read that right, cat. I ate a freaking cat in pasta!!! Gag me with a spoon, it was nasty!!! I mean, I hate cats. but I don't hate them enough to cook them up and put them in my dinner. It was gross. But I do need to consider myself lucky, it could be a lot worse!! I'll just cross my fingers that it doesn't!!!
Ok, now for my favorite part of the week. We received a phone call from a recent convert from the other Hermanas ward, and she asked us if we could come  and see her after her surgery. She had to have a kidney stone removed. I for one, was all for it, I just really wanted to see her incision sights and check them out. So we head out to her home, and we start talking to her and share a message with her, all that good stuff. Then, in her lying down, recovering
from surgery, state, she says, ok the real reason why I called you to come here is I really need help. I am supposed to have someone help me clean, check, and redress my incision sights, but everyone I have asked said it was too gross or they didn't have time for it. Can you please do it for me?? Well, Hermana Een is super squeamish so she was ready to bolt from the room. Hermana Manwill thought she was kidding, but can you guess what did?? I ran to the bathroom, washed
my hands, gloved up, and was all ready and excited to help her. haha I know it was just cleaning it all, but it was so fun!!! I am taking it as a spiritual revelation from above confirming that my decision to be a surgeon is the right path for me after mission life!

Que mas.... well my big spiritual moment this week hit me when I read an old conference talk... I know I am terrible, but I can't remember the title of the talk, who gave it, or when it was given, but it was good. It was all about making the decision to change. The Lord is so ready and willing to help us change and become the person he wants us to be, but he can't do it all for us, we have to take the first step and make the decision. So now I am full of this new motivation and desire to change and become a better missionary. It is time to rededicate myself to this incredible work, and then act on it..... so that is what I have been doing, and I may have taken it a bit too far... so remember when I told you all that I got a little chucky out here in Valencia. Well no more of that!! No more chubber tubbers!!! I took the conference talk to heart and applied it to my life concerning my body as well haha. I think my companions are going to kill me. Oh the joys of being in a trio. I drag them out of piso every morning to go running, or to go to the park to do some nice good crossfit workouts!! They might kill me in my sleep, but they will thank me later when we leave weight gaining Valencia all nice and skinny!! haha
Well that's all I have for this week. Thanks for the steady stream of love and support and prayers!!! I love you all, and can't wait to update you all next week!!! besos!!! 
Love, Hermana Stilson

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