Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A phone call, and a seven hour train ride later

Long time, no talk!! I am so sorry for my period of absence, but that's what happens sometimes when transfer calls come. Well everyone, and I mean everyone, was absolutely sure I was staying in Valencia. Even President Pace told me I was going to stay there... but a phone call, and a seven hour train ride later and I am now in what is known as one of the coldest areas in Spain... bum bum bum.... is the anticipation killing you yet?? I'll give y'all a hint.... I am up north... haha that doesn't do much to help you, no one really will know what that means other than Marti and uncle D, so I'll just tell you. I am in Logroño!!!! Holy snot, it is so beautiful up here!!! And it's true what everyone says about it being cold, except cold is a huge understatement, it is FREEZING!!! Its rainy, cold, and the humidity absolutely bites!! But I love it already! I just have to pack on the layers in the morning and think warm thoughts when I walk out the door, but even with all the precautions it is still freezing!!!! Oh well, come what may and love it!!! 

Speaking of loving it, I have a new companion, and I kind of love her! Her name is Hermana Mendez, and she is straight up crazy!! Crazy in the best of ways! She is a native speaker, but to my relief, she is also fluent in English. She is from Guatemala. Oh she is just the funniest little thing. But we are out here in Logroño, an area that is very new to sister missionaries, and we are ready to work hard and bring in the miracles... and also try not to freeze to death in the process!!! Sorry this weekly update is so short, but that is all that really happened was I was transferred and I am now in the most beautiful parts of Spain. The north is truly incredible!!!

 I love you all so much, stay tuned for next time!!!

Besos!! Hna Stilson

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