Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello from Logroño!!!


Hello from Logroño!!! Ok I just need to start off by saying that when I came out to Spain I was so excited to leave the snow of Utah behind.... I am sorry, but I did not sign up to find it again in an even colder atmosphere!!! It is sooooooo cold out here!!! Logroño is the place where blue skies and sunshine cease to exist. It's all gray clouds, wind, rain, and snow.... well not necessarily snow, more like straight slush raining down on us in the coldest way imaginable!!! But, despite the cold, it is truly beautiful!! Logroño is surrounded by mountains and is its own little city set in the center of them. And the only time that the sun is visible is during the sunrise, after that, it is hidden until the next morning. I mean, it makes for a beautiful sunrise!
Anyway, well this week was a looooooot of walking around. Back in Valencia I was fortunate enough to have metro and auto buses to travel by... Logroño isn't a big enough city for a metro system... or bus system... so guess what I do???? I walk. Everywhere. In the bitter cold. Haha I am not complaining though. It's a new cold, and exciting adventure. In Valencia I was blessed with people who were ready to hear the gospel, so we spent the majority of the time in citas with investigators, or with members, or menos activos.... out here there is just a small ward, very little investigators at the moment, so that means contacting. all day, every day!!! Knocking doors, and stopping all those we pass in the streets!! My Spanish is getting better by the minute haha I have never stopped and talked to so many people in my life, but I love it. There is work to be done out here!!
So other than freezing my bootie off every day, and talking to everyone, not a whole lot has gone on. Nothing too exciting. I mean every minute with my crazy native companion is a moment to remember, but not a whole lot else. The members out here are amazing and strong, and the youth and young adults are fabulous. Great ward, great people, great place to be!!! Pray that I don't freeze to death this week!! lots of love!! besos!!!!
Hermana Stilson


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